Colibra Partners Up With Kleros, The Blockchain Resolution Layer

Colibra & Kleros-Partnership

We have exciting news to share with you. Colibra and Kleros have partnered up in changing insurance as we know it. Both determined to bring justice and simplicity to human interactions online, the two companies have found it inevitable to join forces.

Kleros is an innovative startup that uses blockchain technology to provide fast, secure and affordable arbitration where state courts and existing dispute resolution methods are not useful. This happens by connecting users who need to solve an online dispute with jurors who have the skills to fairly settle them.

Colibra will source valuable game-theory knowhow from Kleros, so it can optimize its solution in terms of justice and speed. This partnership will allow us to provide effortless dispute resolution to our clients while helping Kleros reach thousands of new users. Much more than that, this mutual effort will showcase the power of blockchain to decentralize key aspects of our society and crowdsource critical and complex work. Together, we hope to finally make the insurance industry fairer and more transparent.

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