Hey there, we are Colibra.

We. Are making. Insurance. F.U.N. (Fair. User-Centric. Instant)

Why We Be

Insurance companies have become super centralized and profit-driven. No one knows if they’re solvent or how they handle claims. Zero transparency. Insurers are so deep in conflict of interest that it’s profitable for them to delay and reject your claim.

No wonder nobody trusts them. We don’t believe we have a fair chance at getting paid, so we’re like “Thank U, Next”…

But this means fewer and fewer of us will use insurance to neutralize the risks to our health, business and property. Not cool.

Insurance and trust image

What Then

Say hello to Colibra.

The first set-it-and-forget-it, super-easy-to-use, wait for it… …Democratic Travel Insurance!

Colibra is first bringing fairness to the flight compensations market, something that was about time someone fixed. Then, we’re moving to travel insurance, so people can chill when they hit the road. Finally, we plan on making the whole of insurance fair and transparent.

Ambitious? Lil’bit.

Do we need it? Yasss!

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How We Roll

Did you know that each of us has the right to a fair compensation when their flight is late or cancelled. Still, only a lucky few benefit from how things work now.

Colibra turns things upside down by helping 20X more travelers get paid. Imagine getting a refund every time your flight is late. Even if the airline says you’re not eligible. How cools is that?!

But how is that possible? HERE is how the magic works.

Total badassery. And it gets better.

Once we’ve made it rain with flight compensation money for a few million folks out there, we’ll have enough proof that the market is ready to be hit by fairness, big time. We’re then launching our core product, Colibra’s decentralized travel insurance claim handling platform.

This platform crowdsources important claim decisions to the independent community.

Yes, to us. And yes, including claim payout decisions. We’re keeping it 100.

“Travel insurance“ and “FUN“
in a single sentence?
Who would have thought?

Well, Colibra did.

If you wanna watch the show from the window seat, follow us on social media and share the news about Colibra with your crew!

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Get instant compensation of up to €100 if your flight gets delayed for 1+ hour whatever the reason!

  • Just scan your boarding pass
  • No need to file a claim
  • You pay nothing, ever. It's free!